Jack has over 8 years experience working in the best companies, with top professionals in the corresponding industries, including retail(Apple Store), Digital Intermediate(Digital Domain China), and small budget filmmaking(24Frames). He has taken part in several feature films as Assistant Editor and Digital Media Center Operator in China.

With proven success in media production and marketing&managing, Jack is also a versatile talent who is good at small budget shoot, edit& color grading for Advertisementonline promotions, events, travelling and more.

Jack’s pursue of creativity also makes him pull off experimental works in photo journalism such as Beijing street photography trilogy Beijingstreets, Beijingxiangsu and Beijingerinstant, website designs for personal website and autograph album.

His love for the intimates also can be found in several traditional flip-flop online books here Flip Books.

Local experience in NZ :

Cameraman–MV<The Compressor ft Home Chapter Feelings>–Student work

Cameraman&Editor–Hightlights<#Lovebomb Auckland >–Lovethiscity.org

Production Assistant&Editor –Online Commercials<Just Water>–Facebox

Production Assistant –Online Commercials<JB-HiFi sales 2019>–Facebox

Assistant Editor–Reality TV Show<Mind Control Experiment>–Truman films

Chinese consultant–short film project–Marie Thompson

Cameraman& Editor–Online Contents<BEE+ Honey>–Expressionz